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Projects in Lab

Coop Action CJS (en)

Re-invent a multi -entry co-working space.  The venue includes activities such as rental of collaborative and open workspace. In this place, everyone will be able to exchange, appropriate tools and autonomy on the techniques of manufacturing. 



Jeunesse nantaise de services

15 youth aged 16 to 18 have integrated in 2016 the first Youth Service Cooperative -CJS) in Nantes with shared the same desire to work and make themselves useful.


Communauté de Valence


Terra or Terminal of exchange and artistic & artisanal resources is a Third-place founded by 5 independent partners, producers and creatives in Poitiers.




Insect consumption is a new source of animal protein width an ecological impact far less than conventional breeding. A young team wants to democratize & to popularise the practice as a Scop.



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The #CoopLab is co-powered and animated by five partners in Europe and three countries: France, Italy and Spain.

More about!

IRECOOP ER is the vocational training centre of Confcooperative Emilia-Romagna, the regional level association representing cooperatives societies that adhere to the National Confcooperative.

CECOP – CICOPA Europe is the European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives.

The Scop’s Movement supports the creation, recovery and processing business as Scop (Production Cooperative) or SCIC (cooperative society of collective interest).

Alternatives Economiques Scop SA publishes every month Alternatives Economiques, a french magazine on economic and social issues, and for educational purposes.

The Andalusian Social Economy School is a private, no profit foundation created in 2002 by the Confederation of Social Economy Organizations in Andalusia (CEPES) and the Andalusian Federation of Work Co-operatives.