Step 1 – Looking for a Coop Project

Through this first step, you will define and choose as a team an idea that will be realized as a cooperative project.


  • start working as a team, define and accept democratic rules
  • see how cooperative values and principles can be translated into a business project
  • think about cooperative project ideas that are adapted to your environment and decide together on a feasible common project idea.

User guide

1 Cooperatives values


Discover cooperatives values

  • What does each of the cooperative values or principles mean in practice ?
  • Can we give a definition and try imagining concrete example of their business implementation ?
  • What can be the advantages of putting these values or principles into practice by establishing a cooperative business ? What can be the disadvantages ? Six good reasons to undertake a “coopworking enterprise” ?

Six good reasons to undertake in a worker cooperative

On peut avoir envie de créer une entreprise pour de multiples raisons : faire de sa passion un travail, se rendre utile à la société, se créer un travail qui fait sens et qui réponde aux enjeux sociaux et environnementaux d’aujourd’hui … Pour trouver votre idée, vous pouvez vous inspirer des exemples de celles et ceux qui ont déjà fait le choix d’entreprendre et s’organiser avec d’autres en coopérative.

2 Cooperatives principles


Discover cooperatives principles

Cooperatives around the world follow the same principles adopted by the International Co-operative Alliance in 1995. Co-operative principles are guidelines through which cooperatives put their values into practice. You may want to start a business for many reasons: to realize your passion, to be useful to your community, to create meaningful work that responds to today’s social and environmental issues … To find your idea, you can learn from examples of those who have already made the choice to undertake a cooperative project.

Ready to test your acquired skills ?

Go to the island for cooperative projects and test your cooperative knowledge and validate your step.